Donau Carbon delivers another carbon filter solution

3/9/2020 for Biogas purification in France

This landfill site located in Eastern France was experiencing in its biogas multiple contaminants due to the historical deposits in the landfill. The large hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentration (> 4000mg/Nm3) is a results of deposits of construction and demolition material. Typically, the presence of gypsum leads to the formation of H2S. When gypsum drywall (typically composed of 90% CaSO4, 2 H2O and 10% paper) becomes wet in a reducing environment, such as a landfill, sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) use sulfate as an electron acceptor to produce H2S.
With the presence of other decaying material, the biogas generated contains not only H2S but also other pollutants such as organosiloxanes, prevalent in personal care products, or VOCs such as terpenes. Therefore the conversion of biogas into electric power requires the protection of the CHP engine from these pollutants. Corrosion and silica deposit will affect the operation and require high maintenance costs.

Maximizing the performance : reduced carbon exchange, customized solution, maximum loading

Rytec, a Baden-Baden German company specialized in the construction and the operation of biogas and cogeneration plants, invited Donau Carbon to participate to the tender for the modernization and the operation of the cogeneration plant.
To meet all these challenges, Donau Carbon offered a customized carbon filtration solution based on its SMARTSORB GT180. The modified vessel will help Rytec to track the saturation of the bed during the operation and predict the time of the exchange.
Operating its own impregnation facilities, Donau Carbon supplied a highly efficient material for this application. As a results, this customized package will gradually be extended to the growing fleet of mobile adsorbers dedicated to Biogas purification, especially for landfills.

The large quantity of carbon installed and the optimized logistics combined with an efficient loading of sulfur will minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of this solution: Important when you serve the electrical needs of more than 600 households for a long term contract.

You said SMART?


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