Rental and Sale of Adsorbers

…mobile or stationary, for the most diverse applications and a broad range of throughputs.

Our adsorbers are available in different sizes: from approx. 1m³ up to 14 and 20m³ for our mobile adsorber systems L20000M and W20000M. All our activated carbon adsorbers are available as mobile replacement systems.
Additionally, we offer stationary standard adsorbers and, upon request, supply also tailor-made vessels based on your specification.
With our experience we may offer you logistic and carbon exchange concepts tailored to your specific needs to help you save personnel and operating cost. With our specialized staff and equipment, we take care for quick and smooth exchange of the spent carbon on-site.

All adsorber types offered by us are available either for sale or to rent. Our standard adsorber vessels are usually available within a few days.